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May 16, 2022 Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association Outline Pathway to a Workable EPA Emissions Rule NEW! Press Release
May 12, 2022 In Case You Missed It: New Article Highlights Industry Leaders’ Concerns About Proposed EPA NOX Rule. Press Release
May 9, 2022 Business & Industry Groups Express Shared Support for Clean Air Goals, Urge EPA to Develop Workable Emissions Rule Press Release
May 3, 2022 By The Numbers: Unintended Consequences of EPA's Proposed Truck Emissions Rule Press Release
May 2, 2022 In Case You Missed It: “Engine Manufacturers Want Cleaner Trucks” Press Release
April 26, 2022 What They’re Saying: EPA Emissions Rule Must Promote Fleet Turnover, Avoid “Unintended Consequences” Press Release
April 12, 2022 EMA’s Oral Statement on EPA’s Proposed Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards Oral Statements
April 12, 2022 Press Release on EMA's Testimony at EPA’s Proposed HDOH Low NOx Rule Hearing Press Release
March 28, 2022 What They’re Saying: “Real Goal” is Zero-Emissions Future Press Release
March 10, 2022 ICYMI: EMA Reacts to EPA’s Proposed NOx Rule Press Release
March 7, 2022 Fact Sheet: Ensuring a Strong National Standard on NOx Emissions Statements
March 7, 2022 EMA Statement on EPA’s Proposed NOx Rule Press Release
August 28, 2020 EMA's Statement on CARB Omnibus Low NOx Rule Press Release
March 16, 2020 Cancellation of April 21-23, 2020 EMA Compliance and HDOBD Workshops What's New
January 6, 2020 EMA's Statement On EPA's Next Step In Its Cleaner Trucks Initiative Press Release
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